All For One: A Thriller

All For One: A Thriller
Audiobook Produced by Hubert Campbell

The Cleansed - Season One

The Cleansed - Season One
Composer for thrilling modern audio drama produced on location in Maine by FinalRune Productions

2012 Sound Design and Music Reel

The Cleansed

Audio Draft Music Entry

Dracos Fire Theme Music Followed by Idling Music and Top Award Music samples

Game of Thrones -90 second Audio Sample

Game of Thrones Audio Drama

Composer Credit: This Way Up

This Way Up from Rick Livingston on Vimeo.

Music and Sound Design by Hubert Campbell

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Way Up - Music Demonstration

This Way Up - Final Music - Temp Sound design. from Hubert Campbell on Vimeo.

This is a work in progress of a film that, hopefully, will be completed by graduation. I am posting it here only as a demonstration of the music I have written so far for this film. This week, I will be working on the sound design for some parts of the movie. We expect to flesh out the soundscape as more visual effects are created for this piece.

After I graduate from Flashpoint, I'm going to right a wrong that has existed for far too long. I will finish my training in theory and music composition that I abandoned during my undergraduate years at Cornell University. I have always had fun playing around with MIDI on my own. But Flashpoint was the first time I ever got to collaborate with others in creating a soundtrack using the well-known sound samples from East West Quantum Leap. I've used it in Candle. But this movie features more instruments from EWQL Composer's Collection and I absolutely love what it can do for my music.